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Replace your Brake Pads & Shoes with Genuine Mazda Parts
Genuine Mazda Parts and Value Products by Mazda brakes are designed to perform best for specific Mazda models, and are constantly updated to ensure that they're the highest quality brakes available.


  • All Mazda Genuine Parts or Value Products by Mazda brake pads and shoes are under warranty, as long as the original purchaser of the replacement brake pads or shoes owns the vehicle on which they were originally installed.
  • Warranty is always valid if installation was done by an authorized Mazda dealer.
  • If the brake pads and/or shoes become damaged, defective, or worn-out during the warranty period, they may be exchanged for new warrantied equivalent Mazda Genuine Parts or Value Products by Mazda brake pads or shoes.
  • Upon purchase, your authorized Mazda dealer will provide you with a service repair order, which is considered "proof of purchase" under the terms of the warranty. When requesting a warranty replacement, the service repair order must be presented, and the original components must be returned and exchanged for new replacement brake pads or shoes.
  • The customer is responsible for installation charges upon replacement.

Customer Reviews
What a great dealership to get my Mazda serviced at. John Cemore is a "Customer Advocate" in the service department, that has always provided friendly professional service. I like his style and hope that he stays there for as long as I need a place to get my Mazda serviced. John definitely comes across as someone more interested in having satisfied customers, rather than just trying to make a buck or two. Thanks HB Mazda, I would definitely recommend this dealership!

I took our 2011 Mazda CX7 in for its 15,000 mile maintenance today. I called yesterday and got a next day appointment and was pleased to learn they offered a free shuttle service. When I arrive promptly at 7 a.m. this morning, Mike greeted me and was very thorough in explaining what would be done. However, I also learned the shuttle did not start running until 7:45 - I had to be at work by 8 and would be going home first. I asked for Mike to call a cab - no biggie to me - but he insisted on having someone drive me home immediately. Once the car was ready for pick up, Mike called and, since the shuttle didn't run after 4, let me know that someone would pick me up from my house after 4:30. Seriously? Is this place for real? We already loved the dealership and our car buying experience, but the service department rocks!  I have never encountered a more honest, hard-working, caring car dealership. In fact, I didn't think one existed. Having met the owner, I have a huge feeling it is a trickle down effect. Good on them! They are atypical in the best way possible.


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